How I Discovered that I Had Received a Pay Raise by Checking my 401k

So, I realized today that I received a pay raise at the end of April last year. Last year. A year ago.
What the heck?! I thought I was so on top of my finances!

I was looking at my 401K contributions and noticed that it has been $1.20 higher per week for quite some time. Which, whatever – it’s a dollar, but I didn’t understand why the math wasn’t right. Four percent of my $53,664.00 salary is $41.28 per week, not $42.48. Working some backwards math, I found that $42.48 is four percent of $55,224.00, and the difference in salaries comes down to $0.75 per week.


At the end of April, my employer’s CEO sent a letter stating that “Effective April 28, 2016 we are increasing every employees hourly pay rate by $0.75 per hour.” I did not believe this applied to me since I’m not an hourly employee.
I did notice that my paycheck increased about $10.00 per week around this time, but my husband and I had adjusted our tax withholding amount right after our wedding (April 16), so I thought the increase was because of this.

Those monthly snapshots I’ve been posting every month? Wrong. All of them, wrong.


So, I’m excited to have received a pay raise, even if it was a year ago! Yay me!  I guess this goes to show that even we “nerds” don’t have it completely together!

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  1. It’s tricky with taxes and retirement. Half the time I only know how much we make around tax season

    1. It really is tricky! It’s easier for me being salary but we can only guess with my husband until tax time comes around.

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