Why My Child’s Tooth Fairy is on a Budget

This past weekend was a very eventful one for the Mondellis. Easter fell on the same day as our first wedding anniversary, and to add to the excitement, our daughter lost her first tooth!

This happened on Friday, unfortunately while my husband and I were working. She was out of school for Good Friday and was spending the day with her “Nanner”. Before she got home, we went to work setting up a fairy door in her room that she had received for Christmas. I had been planning to use the mailbox and door for the tooth fairy ever since.

This one, to be exact. (Love that her name is Luna!)

Below are the stats showing the average amount that the tooth fairy leaves. If $4.66 is the average, I wonder about the higher end of these numbers! Anyway, this amount seemed really high to us. After all, our child only receives a quarter as commission for her big chores and a dime for her smaller chores at this stage of her life!


We settled on giving her a dollar, and to add to the fairy mystique, we decided to use a single dollar coin and act as though it is fairy money, since we knew Matti had never seen dollar coins before.


We were all set. The fairy door set came with a small envelope, in which we placed her tooth. We carefully placed it into the mailbox, and to buy myself some sleeping time the next morning, instructed her not to check it until the sun came up. We then went downstairs, and I wrote a short note in small, cursive writing, folded it and put her name on the outside. At the end of the note, I wrote, “P.S. I hope fairy money works in your world, too!”


She followed the instructions well, and it was a little after 8:00 the next morning when she bounded down the stairs, note and coin in hand. She thought the coin was a quarter until I read the note aloud and pointed out the differences between the coin and a quarter. She especially liked the stars around the edge of the dollar coin.


While my family made fun of us for only giving her a dollar, Matti has been talking ever since about her excitement of receiving actual fairy money. It has been a huge event for her, and with others joining in on the fun by telling her they have never seen fairy money before either, she said, “I guess I’m just special!”

So remember, parents – you can make these events special and fun without shelling out a ton of money. The amount you give for the first tooth sets the scene for the amount they will expect for the rest of their baby teeth, and by keeping it small, playing tooth fairy stays fun, easy and frugal!

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  1. Annie says:

    I got a dollar for my baby teeth. I don’t see anything wrong with that amount.

    1. Thanks, Annie! I think following Dave Ramsey automatically puts a target on your back to be called cheap no matter what you’re doing.

  2. OMGOSH…$1 is awesome! HA! The tooth fairy can’t give $5 for every tooth or we would be broke!!!

    1. I agree! Especially people who have more than one kid!

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