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Debt Payoff Report: Month 9



Happy June!

I am in the process of rebranding my blog and am SO excited for the changes to come.  Be sure to check back soon to see what I’m up to!

Anyway, May was a milestone month for us.  We passed the halfway point of the financial journey we began in September 2016!

Our original goal of two years is now EATING. OUR. DUST.


$77,135.72 (September 1, 2016)


$38,109.47 (June 1, 2017)

The past nine months, we have averaged $4,336 in principal per month – about 56% of our total income.

For those of you who are new to my blog – Hi and thank you! – I’ll give you a short rundown on our current goal and how we plan to accomplish it.


Pay off home in two years (or less).


Live on one income and use the other as principal payments to the mortgage.


So, my husband and I had a budget FAIL this past month in that we didn’t ever finish the budget.

I can see the mouths of the Dave Ramsey community dropping open, but at this point in our financial lives, an unfinished budget is actually not a huge deal for us.  All of our monthly bills are automated and our separate sinking fund savings accounts are replenished monthly.

This falter mostly just led to us eating out MUCH more than normal instead of using that money for home improvements or other intentional spending.

However, being the control freak that I am, I do feel much better knowing that the June budget is completed, and our money has direction again.

My husband has signed up for quite a bit of overtime, so even though I will be missing him a ton, I am excited to see how much we can pay off next month!

An Instagram follower commented last week that she cannot imagine how it feels to have made this much progress.

…Impatient.  That’s how I feel.

Being over the halfway hump, we can now see the finish line, and we are ready to move on from this goal!

[Edit: We did it; we’re 100% debt free! Check out my very last mortgage post here.]

People ask how we stay motivated for such a large goal, but the truth is, this is a small goal in our eyes compared to the big picture.  It’s the first step.  The taking off point.


I will be 29 in a couple months, and I am so ready to move past this goal and spend my 30’s building wealth and setting up passive income so that I do not HAVE to work in my 40’s.

Freedom is the goal.  Not just debt freedom – financial freedom.

Where are you in your financial journey?  Drop a line to let me know!


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  1. Kim Galeta says:

    Congrats! Love this post! Your journey is so motivating. Love the new website as well.

    1. Thanks so much, Kim!

  2. Great post ! I had some May budget fails too. It’s finally summer weather so I ate out A LOT! I completed my budget for June so I’m hoping I can stick with it. Your accomplishments are so inspiring!

    1. Glad to know I’m not the only one who slipped up this past month! Eating out is our downfall. Good luck in June and thanks a ton!

  3. That’s awesome, Ellie! You guys are killing it 😎

    1. Thank you, Kyle!

  4. I’m working on paying off $171,000 in student loans. So, it’s so inspiring to see that you are halfway through your payoff journey! We’re just getting started. We’ve paid off $21,000 in 15 months – so it’s definitely a start but I also feel very impatient too!

    1. It’s so hard not to feel impatient! You got this though, just keep chipping away at it as much as you can. Thank you for commenting!

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