Weekly Podcast Recaps

Weekly Podcast Recap: Week 1

Working in a position where communication consists almost solely of email, I spend about 45 hours per week using my hands and eyes, but my ears are unoccupied.

Instead of choosing to listen to repetitive songs on the radio, fear-inducing news or the silence of my office, I use my phone to stream personal finance, real estate, self-help and FI/RE (Financial Independence/Retiring Early) podcasts as a form of self-education.

I receive messages from time to time and frequently scroll past Instagram posts asking for podcast suggestions, so I decided to start sharing the episodes I listen to each week.

I hope you enjoy, and whether it’s a new fact, strategy, idea or perspective, I hope you learn something new.  I would love to hear your podcast suggestions, too!  Comment at the end of the post to let me know.

Personal finance, real estate, self-help and FI/RE (Financial Independence/Retiring Early): I list the podcast episodes I listened to this past week.

Monday, 7/24/17

  1. Listen Money Matters: How to Start Investing with Justin Krane (Duration: 49:05)
  2. Morris Invest: Episode 185 – What’s Going on With the Current Market? with Brian Kline (Duration: 33:54)
  3. Masters of Money: Episode 031 – Finding Hope and Making Sense of Your Finances with Alaya Linton (Duration: 38:15)
  4. The Tony Robbins Podcast: Jordan Harbinger on Social Influence – How Human Behavior and Social Conditioning Influence our Actions and Reactions (Duration: 55:44)

Tuesday, 7/25/17

  1. Morris Invest: Episode 186 – The 1% Rule for Real Estate Investing (Duration: 11:43)
  2. Tiny Leaps Big Changes: Episode 179 – This is Not Self-Help (Duration: 14:27)
  3. The One Thing Podcast: Episode 57 – Your Path to Purpose with Brian Schoenbaum (Duration: 34:00)
  4. The James Altucher Show: Episode 240 – The Comedian’s Toolkit with Gary Gulman (Duration: 83:30)

Wednesday, 7/26/17

  1. Cash Talk: Episode 3 – #buyfelicia Credit Cards, Paying Them Off & Buying Stuff  – Stay tuned! (Duration: TBD)
  2. Morris Invest: Episode 187 – How to Use a HELOC to Build Wealth (Duration: 43:43)
  3. The Money Nerds Podcast: Episode 42 – Paying Off $100,000 and Her $500 Wedding with Jessi Fearon (Duration: 40:19)

Thursday, 7/27/17

  1. Morris Invest: Episode 188 – Men and Limiting Beliefs: How to Make a Change with David Hoyt (Duration: 28:39)
  2. Bigger Pockets Podcast: Episode 237 – Partnerships and BRRRR Investing While Working Full Time with Ian Reeves (Duration: 80:32)
  3. ChooseFI Podcast: Episode 001 – A Finance Podcast for the Middle Class (Duration: 16:48)
  4. ChooseFI Podcast: Episode 002 – Why Failure Matters – Brad Backstory (Duration: 33:05)
  5. The James Altucher Show: Episode 241 – How to Invest: The Guidebook from an Angel Investor Who Turned $100K into $100 Million with Jason Calacanis (Duration: 83:50)

Friday, 7/28/17

  1. ChooseFI Podcast: Episode 003 – Let’s Talk About Fees – Why Investment Fees are Evil and How to Avoid Them (Duration: 16:50)
  2. ChooseFI Podcast: Episode 004 – Get Off the Hamster Wheel – Jonathan Backstory (Duration: 28:11)
  3. Mad Fientist: Episode 1 – Early Retirement with Mr. Money Mustache (Duration: 29:39)
  4. Mad Fientist: Episode 2 – The Importance of F-You Money with Jim Collins (Duration: 41:13)


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