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Weekly Podcast Recap: Week 4

My work week was a short one due to my recurrent foot problems, but I still managed to listen to 18 episodes, providing me with over 13 hours of motivation, inspiration and financial education.

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I take something away from every episode, every podcast, every topic, every week.  However, number three on Wednesday’s list taught me about a retirement account that will greatly benefit my family.  My husband is a police officer and was unaware that in addition to his 401(k), he has the option of contributing to the 457(b).  This retirement plan offers incredible benefits, so if you or your spouse are a teacher, police officer, firefighter or public employee, please do yourself a huge favor and listen to this episode.

I noticed that I had incorrectly been referring to the Financial Independence Podcast as the Mad Fientist Podcast and have corrected the name.  Below you will find it and the rest of the episodes I listened to this past week.  I hope you benefit and learn from them the way I do.  I’m always up for new and different podcasts, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know in comments below or via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

The 18 podcast episodes I listened to this past week.  Topics range from money management, real estate, personal finance, financial independence, early retirement and personal development.

Monday, 8/14/17

  1. Morris Invest: Episode 195 – Back to Basics: High Return Real Estate Duration: 20:57
  2. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes: Episode 183 – Move Fast and Solve Small Problems Duration: 16:24
  3. Mindfulness Mode: Episode 242 – Get Rid of Your Head Trash and Earn the Millions You Deserve; Noah St. John Duration: 35:31
  4. Afford Anything: Episode 90 – Ask Paula – Your Rental Property Questions Duration: 43:59
  5. Financial Independence: Episode 18 – Travel Miles 101 – Travel Hacking and Financial Independence Duration: 1:02:39
  6. Financial Independence: Episode 19 – Side Hustle Nation – Invest in Yourself Duration: 34:52
  7. ChooseFI: Episode 012R – Introducing the Friday Roundup Duration: 48:35

Tuesday, 8/15/17

  1. Listen Money Matters: Key Factors to Finding the Perfect Rental Property Neighborhood Duration: 58:28
  2. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes: Episode 184 – How to Solve Any Problem Duration: 12:58
  3. The James Altucher Show: Episode 246 – Remit Sethi: You Have Something People Would Pay For Right Now Duration: 105:45
  4. Afford Anything: Episode 89 – Imagine You Only Have 10 Years to Live Duration: 42:40
  5. Financial Independence: Episode 20 – Mike and Lauren – Medical Tourism, RVs and Why You Should Question Everything Duration: 45:58

Wednesday, 8/16/17

  1. Morris Invest: Episode 196 – The Three Stages of Real Estate Investing (Encore Episode) Duration: 12:55
  2. Financial Independence: Episode 21 – JL Collins – The Simple Path to Wealth Duration: 46:53
  3. ChooseFI: Episode 013 – The Unfair (FI) Advantage of Teachers – 457b Duration: 59:20
  4. ChooseFI: Episode 013R – Friday Roundup #2 Duration: 54:07
  5. ChooseFI: Episode 014 – The Phases of FI with 1500 Days Duration: 50:23
  6. ChooseFI: Episode 014R – Friday Roundup #3 Duration: 47:26


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