Weekly Podcast Recap: Weeks 7 & 8

Happy Saturday!

Sorry for not posting a recap last week. I went to a conference for my 9-5 job and did not have the chance to put the post together.

Since last week and this week were both short weeks, I have combined them and listed all the episodes I listened to the past two weeks.

This post may contain affiliate links.  Please view my disclosure policy for more information.

A new addition is the Fire Drill podcast which provides much needed female voices from the FI/RE community. Check it out!

Have a favorite podcast that you haven’t seen me list? Let me know!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Personal finance, real estate, financial independence, fitness/nutrition and more - check out this week's podcast recap.

Tuesday, 9/5/17

  1. Morris Invest: Episode 204 – Houston Flooding 2017: Understanding What Happened Duration: 19:02
  2. Listen Money Matters: This Financial Life with Broc Duration: 52:51
  3. Art of Charm: Episode 514 – Sam Harris – The Anti-Trump Duration: 01:14:17
  4. ChooseFI: Episode 021 – The Pillars of FI Duration: 59:56
  5. The James Altucher Show: Episode 251 – Geno Bisconte: The Cure: Laugh! Duration: 113:23

Wednesday, 9/6/17

  1. Morris Invest: Episode 205 – Do Quit Your Day Job: How to Know if You’re Ready Duration: 35:07
  2. ChooseFI: Episode 021R – Our First Ever Crowd-Sourced Case Study – Paul Duration: 54:38

Thursday, 9/7/17

  1. Morris Invest: Episode 206 – How to Leave a Legacy and Build a Life of Positivity – Interview with Lee Cockerell Duration: 33:16
  2. The Model Health Show: Episode 240 – Happiness vs. Pleasure Duration: 65:39
  3. Fire Drill: Episode 001 – Achieve Early Retirement with Bachelor Party Airbnb Rentals Duration: 46:54
  4. Fire Drill: Episode 002 – Earn $8,000 per Month Writing Romance Novels Duration: 41:30
  5. Fire Drill: Episode 003 – How to Build a Real Estate Empire in Your Twenties Duration: 40:50
  6. Afford Anything: Episode 93 – The Secret Lives of Introverts with Jenn Granneman Duration: 48:51
  7. ChooseFI: Episode 024 – FI180 – Make a U-Turn and Choose FI Duration: 56:19

Friday, 9/8/17

  1. Art of Charm: Episode 649 – Rob Reid – After On Duration: 01:19:03
  2. The James Altucher Show: Episode 252 – Brandon Webb: Getting Focused (Lessons from a Sniper Turned CEO) Duration: 111:53

Thursday, 9/14/17

  1. Listen Money Matters: 10 Real Estate Investor Commandments Duration: 36:09
  2. The James Altucher Show: Episode 253 – Paul Shaffer: David Letterman’s Legendary Band Leader on Making Music & Taking Your Shot Duration: 75:34
  3. The Model Health Show: Episode 241 – Eliminating Your Body’s Unwanted Waste & Taking the Taboo Out of Poo with Bobby Edwards Duration: 59:57
  4. Morris Invest: Episode 207 – 4 Takeaways from My First Week Being Unemployed Duration: 10:58
  5. Morris Invest: Episode 208 – How to Play It Safe in Today’s Market – Interview with Kathy Fettke Duration: 32:41

Friday, 9/15/17

  1. Bigger Pockets: Episode 243 – “How I Build 7-Figures of Wealth on a Working-Class Salary” with Joe “JD” Martin Duration: 67:08
  2. ChooseFI: Episode 24R – The Friday Roundup – How to Hack Your ESPP Duration: 01:00:01
  3. The James Altucher Show: Episode 254 – Jim Kwik: Train Your Brain to Maximize Memory and Motivation Duration: 129:06

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