Your Sunny Money Method: Budgeting Course Review

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Thinking back to the first time I ever put together a budget, “sunny” is definitely not the word that comes to mind.

Stormy, maybe. Dark and cloudy at the least.

I got the hang of it after a few months though and couldn’t imagine going back to a life with no monthly, zero-based budget.

The clouds rolled back in several years later as I sat at my dining room table with my new husband as we constructed our first budget two weeks after our wedding.

But again, after a few months we had the hang of it and couldn’t imagine life without it.

Until recently.

We have fallen off the wagon.

The “backwards budget” or “look-back budget” is what we have unintentionally adopted the last few months. Instead of assigning a category to every dollar before the month begins, I have been logging our transactions after they’re made and just checking our account to be sure we’re in good shape.

And this is okay. Our bills are automatic. Our utilities are set up on budget-billing so that the charges are the same each month. Our sinking funds are replenished every month. We are frugal savers by nature and have a large buffer in our checking account. My husband’s paychecks are used as mortgage principal payments as soon as he gets paid.

But lately we’re not being intentional with what’s left over after all of this, which means that money we probably should be using for small goals ends up getting eaten at our favorite restaurants.

As the CFO of our household, I needed a kick in the butt.

So when Sami Womack from A Sunny Side Up Life asked that I check out her new budgeting course, Your Sunny Money Method, I jumped at the opportunity.

Not familiar with Sami? You’ll want to be. She is the wife of a hardworking husband and mother to three absolutely precious girls. You could say that grace and guidance are kind of her thing. Oh, and they have paid off $225,000 of debt in less than three years.

She’s an energetic, articulate teacher, and it’s obvious that she wants debt freedom for your family as bad as she wants it for hers.

Her course is aimed at the overwhelmed woman who doesn’t know where to start and doesn’t have a lot of time during the day to learn to construct or maintain a budget.

The course is broken down into small, bite-sized lessons and is very simple to use. It is designed to be taken over a 30 day period by watching one video per day.

Included in the basic course:

  • Lifetime access
  • Foundation Module: 10 lessons
  • Organization Module: 20 lessons
  • 14 digital/printable worksheets
  • Access to all recorded workshops and tech tutorials

My biggest takeaway from the course was Sami’s suggestions for changing your mindset on money, debt and lifestyle. The passion in her eyes while talking about changing her family tree is also shown while urging you to get to the root of your “why.” I wish I could have heard her tips for talking about finances with your spouse and how to talk about money in front of your kids when I became a new wife and stepmother last year.

For my readers, Sami has offered a discount of $10 off the normal price of $87 by using the link below.

If you’re looking for help setting up a budget or are a seasoned vet who just needs a kick in the butt, I recommend Your Sunny Money Method not only for the actionable information provided, but to get Sami included. For those of us who don’t have people in our “real lives” who are focused on their finances, it’s comforting to have her as an accountability partner. She is very active in her community on Facebook and always responds quickly to messages.

Check out Sami’s Instagram to get to know her better, and please share this post using the social media icons below to help other women take control of their financial lives!

You're not alone, ladies. The budget course developed by the 30 year old wife and mom of three who led her family out of $490,000 of debt is finally available! This link provides a $10 coupon code.
The budget course developed by the 30 year old wife and mom of three who led her family out of $490,000 of debt is finally available! This link provides a $10 coupon code.

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