How to Land Your First Freelancing Gig: Free eBook Review

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When hearing the term “freelance writer,” what do you envision?

For me, it was always a sharply dressed woman in front of a laptop, latte in hand and English degree on the wall of her trendy apartment overlooking New York City.

Basically an alien image to a small town, east Tennessee high school graduate.

After actually meeting and becoming friends with a freelance writer earlier this year, my image has become more realistic, though I admit that her MBA and New Jersey living were (okay, are) intimidating to me.

I’m talking about the beautiful, go-getting Kim Galeta, the personal finance blogger behind, a website devoted to offering advice for setting up a budget and getting out of debt, providing tips to bloggers, as well as listing her own real numbers in the form of income reports from her blog and freelance writing endeavors.

Kim continues to have growing success with freelance writing and earned over $3,300 during Summer 2017 alone.

In addition to hosting live and recorded workshops on her site, Kim recently partnered in the creation of a new Facebook group and is very active on Instagram, going live frequently to enlighten viewers with free freelance writing tips and resources.

Kim and I became instant friends when she requested to interview me for her website. In the months since, she has urged me to obtain my own website domain, taught me how to utilize Pinterest (resulting in an increase of 1,190% in page views over the next two months), and is now helping me with my very first side hustle – freelance writing.

As my writing style progressed through my blog posts, Kim suggested several times that I look into freelance writing. Being naturally self-doubting, I just couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger.

Freelance writing was a whole new world that I knew absolutely nothing about, and I was scared of being bad at it.

However, in early August I received an email letting me know that Kim had released her first free eBook, How to Land Your First Freelancing Gig: A Step-by-Step Guide.

I immediately signed up, blocking out the sound of fifteen 6 year olds at my daughter’s hour-long cheerleading practice, and dived in.

Two weeks later, I landed my first gig – a 2,000 word article for a corporate blog – and pocketed $150.

My review of How to Land Your First Freelancing Gig: A Step-by-Step Guide, the free eBook that spurred me to write my first freelance article for $150!

At only 21 pages, the eBook is directed at people who are tiptoeing around the idea of freelance writing and just aren’t sure where to start.

The format is fresh, pretty and feminine, (as to be expected from Kim) and is broken down into five sections:

  • What to write about
  • How to improve your writing
  • Three secrets to finding high-paying clients
  • How to pitch to clients
  • Bonus tips

Each section contains a “Homework” page, giving you the opportunity to apply what you’re learning along the way.

Actionable tips are splashed throughout the guide, including an example email to send when cold pitching clients, as well as a list of places to find high-paying clients.

Thankfully for me, Kim sheds light on the common myth that I once believed – that this path is only for English or Journalism majors – and clarifies what clients actually look for in a writer.

On top of that, Kim addresses another common myth – that you should have a blog before pitching to clients. So if you’re not interested in the amount of work involved with setting up a blog, no worries. The eBook offers another way to put yourself out there.

Check it out for free by clicking the link below!


In an additional effort to become more serious about freelance writing, I will also be participating in Kim’s October Freelance Writing Challenge.

The challenge consists of one class per week for the duration of October, wrapping up with a Skype consultation with Kim to make sure you’re taking the right steps to kick-start your freelance writing career.

The dates are below. If you can’t attend the live session, don’t worry. You’ll have access to the replays.

  • Master Class 1: October 1
  • Master Class 2: October 7
  • Master Class 3: October 14
  • Challenge Wrap-Up: October 20-28

It’s an interactive challenge designed to give you the skills needed to begin earning extra income as a freelance writer; therefore, homework assignments will be given and need to be turned in to Kim each week so that she can make sure you’re on the right track.

The challenge is $50, a very affordable rate considering that by utilizing Kim’s steps, this investment will pay off with the completion of your first freelance writing gig.

If you’re stretching to hit a goal by the end of the year, aiming to pay off a certain amount of debt or don’t have quite as much set aside for Christmas as you had hoped by this time of year, freelance writing is a great way to make money on the side from the comfort of your own home.

Find more information about the challenge using the link below and be sure to sign up fast. There are only ten available spots, and as I write this, four spots have already been taken. Registration ends on September 30.

Kim has generously offered a discount for anyone who signs up through my site. Use the coupon code ELLIE at checkout for $5 off!


Hope to see you there!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please view my disclosure policy for more information.

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