Debt Payoff Report: Month 14

I’ve been a little quiet the past month, but I have a huge announcement.


At the end of October 2016, I owed $70,551.78 on my mortgage. The end of October 2017 is here, and I now owe $19,739.44 - find o

We were able to swing $3,139.24 in principal in October, bringing us to a balance of $19,739.44.

We have paid $42,883.67 in 2017 and $57,396.28 since the start of our goal!

At last, I feel like we’re in the last leg of our journey. Not quite on the exit ramp, but scoping out the right lane, getting ready for our departure.

If this is your first time here, thanks so much for joining me, and let me fill you in on exactly what our current goal is and how we are accomplishing it.


Pay off our mortgage in two years or less.

Start: 9/1/2016

Balance: $77,135.72


Our monthly budget is constructed using only my income, and the standard monthly mortgage payment comes from it.

100% of my husband’s income, as well as any other money that comes our way, is used as principal payments.

That’s it. There’s no magic formula, guys.

After our mortgage is paid off, we plan to continue living on one income while investing the other until we retire.

Which we will make sure happens sooner rather than later.

I am more excited about the future than I have ever been.

Check back soon as we finish out this goal and prepare to embark on a new journey of achieving financial independence!

We paid off over $3,000 of mortgage principal this past month, leaving our total balance in the teens!We reached Dave Ramsey's Baby Step 6 14 months ago. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!





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