Mid-Month Net Worth Updates

Mid-Month Net Worth Report: January 2018

I woke up a couple hours ago to our first (and possible only) snowfall of the season.

What this means for the small, east Tennessee town in which I live is a spotty dusting of white on the ground, a mass shortage of milk in bread in the local grocery stores and scrolling through endless photos of “snow” on Facebook.

Instead of sharing photos of the same landscape my friends see when they look out their own windows, I’m spending my morning updating our net worth.

This is my last monthly net worth report with a liability - my mortgage!

It’s a pretty easy update to make using Personal Capital, a free service that links to all of my financial accounts – my numerous bank accounts, retirement accounts, mortgage, etc. – and updates the figures automatically each time I log in.

+ Assets: $233,473

  • Cash: $8,931.92
  • Investments: $73,110.61
  • Cars & Motorcycle: $7,431.00
  • Home: $144,000.00

– Liabilities: $7,945

  • Mortgage: $7,945.52

= Net Worth: $225,528 (+$2,173 from last month)

We purchased flights and travel insurance last week for our upcoming Russia trip, which accounts for the drop in cash on this month’s report.

I’m still shouting from the rooftops that our mortgage balance is down to four digits. And as I was changing the font to red for our only liability, I realized that this may be our last net worth report that includes our personal mortgage! No sentimental tears here.

Net Worth - elliemondelli.com


Our net worth has grown $31,047 since I started tracking it in July 2017. We’re creeping closer and closer to becoming quarter-millionaires!

The upcoming absence of our mortgage will allow us to begin investing heavily into income-producing assets and increasing our net worth more than ever.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Congratulations on paying off the last leg of your liabilities! I expect to read a fantastic celebration post when you have your mortgage completely paid off 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi! I am new to your blog and journey and am pretty sure I’ve read just about everything already! haha, congrats on your last baby step! Because of your posts, I just calculated my net worth. I see that your car value keeps going up. Why is that? I was always told cars depreciate in value. (if you covered this in a different post, then my apologies-I haven’t found that yet!). Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Thank you! Hmm, I’m not sure about the cars. I’ve been keeping the amount the same (or so I thought) the last few months, but I checked on KBB’s website for updated figures for this month’s report. I guess I’ve put the mileage for one of our cars or something in wrong somewhere along the way. I’ll have to check on their website again when I do February’s report! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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