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Monthly Savings Report: April 2018

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How is it possibly May already?!

After a month of endless rain, unseasonably cold temperatures and even a little snow, I feel that I have been cheated out of a month of summer.

And through it all, April was a busy month! I took a spontaneous trip to Atlanta with my cousin to attend our friend’s housewarming party. My husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on the 16th. Work was crazy for both of us, and we spent a lot of our free time at the gym working out.

We also spent April working out those spending muscles that Dave Ramsey always talks about.

Guys. We spent every single penny of my paychecks, as well as a bonus my husband earned. And we dipped into some of our savings from previous months.

Altogether, we spent over $5,000. Gone, just like that.

Included in that number is $2099 in taxes, so I guess it’s not actually as bad as that sounds. (We have corrected our W4s to prevent having to pay in at the end of the year from now on.)

An unexpected expense came when I dropped and busted my Samsung Galaxy S4 that had been dying a slow death the last couple years. I had been putting up with this slow, out of space, frequently overheating phone out of sheer refusal to pay the ridiculous prices being charged for phones these days, but this forced me to make a move. My husband had just been given an iPhone 6+ at work, and I found the rose gold equivalent at a refurbished cell phone store in Knoxville for about $350. By the time we replaced our chargers and bought new phone cases, we were at over $400, and I have absolutely no regrets. I wish I would have bitten the bullet and upgraded my phone years ago.

Another area I’ve been glad to spend money on is home updates. Our contractor started this past month, and the first job he’s tackling is our sunroom. This is my favorite room of the house and was a huge factor in my decision to buy it. As much as I love this room, it became somewhat of a money pit and pain in the ass over the last couple of years. It was an addition that the previous owners made and the only room in the house with wood paneling, cheap wood trim and a starburst-stomped ceiling (you know, the drywall mud spiderweb ceiling). It had a cheap, hollow wood interior door serving as the exterior door and has a corner fireplace connected to built-in cabinets and bookcases. Three contractors have come and quickly gone, each leaving their own personal marks of disappointing, low quality work behind. We have finally landed on a good one, which is especially reassuring since finding a good contractor is what stressed me out most about our future venture into rental properties. He has removed/replaced/repaired the shoddy work, we have paid $1,050 up front with more to come this month, and I will soon be able to enjoy my favorite room again.

To celebrate, I chose and ordered furniture for the first time in my life. Our home is filled with nothing but hand-me-downs and gifts, so I was stoked to make this grown-up purchase of $1,559.28.

Top everything off with a couple hundred dollars worth of purchases for our upcoming trip to Russia to attend the FIFA World Cup- an action camera with various mounts and a light rain jacket – and we spent a total of $5,375.38 in April.

Our emergency fund took a tiny hit from this spending spree and is now $100 short of our desired $5,000. We have a couple thousand distributed across our three sinking funds, so this isn’t a big deal to us at all.

To sum it all up, our savings this month was -$1,097.41, making this month’s report more of a spending report than a savings report.

And it’s totally worth it.


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