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Debitize: 3 Months Later

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UPDATE: Sadly, Debitize has been acquired by Trim and will be shut down by 5/26/19.

This post is a revisit to Debitize, the free app I downloaded in February that has essentially turned my credit card into a debit card. My original post goes into great detail about the service itself and the signup process, so click here to read it first if you missed it!

I’m just going to cut to the chase here. If you have a credit card and are not using Debitize, you are making life much harder than it needs to be.

I have gone from neurotically logging on my account every few days to clear the balance of my Chase Sapphire Preferred card to having no clue when my due date is.

It’s wonderful.

The best part? Our checking account shows how much money we actually have, instead of money that we’ve already spent on our credit card.

When I originally posted about Debitize on Instagram, several people asked if the use of this service would cause interest to accrue on the credit card. The answer to this question is NO. If this were the case, it would completely outweigh any advantages this free service has to offer. Debitize pays off the balance before your due date, preventing any interest from being charged.

Immediately after signing up, I received an email from Debitize stating that they were providing me with a free trial of their Credit Optimizer, the service upgrade that pays off the credit card at the end of every week. This was pretty awesome, but at $5.99 per month, I’m just too cheap to pay for it. Six weeks later the free trial ended, and they are now paying off my card every two weeks, still for free.

Debitize Payment Example -

Debitize‘s simple dashboard shows upcoming withdrawals, uncovered credit card purchases (in case your checking accounts falls below the limit you set when you sign up), your checking account balance, the amount in the reserve account used for paying your credit card bill, as well as your credit card balance.

Debitize Home Screen Example -

I have been impressed by Debitize’s communication, especially considering the service is free. I had to request a new card from Chase after accidentally throwing it away in February, and they were right on top of it, automatically notifying me to update my credit card number. Through the app, I receive a notification each time a withdrawal is initiated from our checking account and each time a payment is scheduled. I’ve received a response email within a few hours to any question I’ve asked over the last three months.

And speaking of our checking account, it looks a little like this nowadays.

Checking Account Example -

Another plus? If you refer a friend to Debitize, you will both earn a $10.00 credit to your accounts after your friend has at least five automated withdrawals. I’ve linked my referral link here.

My one complaint with this service is that you can only set up one bank login per institution. What this means is that since both my credit cards are from Chase (the Ink Business Preferred is my second card), I am only able to use Debitize for one. This is not a big deal for us since we generally use the business card for larger purchases that require money to be transferred from Savings to Checking. I have the option of nesting my personal card account under the business login through Chase, thus allowing both cards to be set up through Debitize, which we will probably do in the second half of the year after our spending spree dies down.

This complaint doesn’t compare at all to the advantages of this service. I am so glad I found it soon after opening my first credit card. I have become spoiled by the work it does for me behind the scenes that I cannot imagine using credit cards without it again.

If you have a credit card, I urge you to sign up for this service. The few minutes it takes to sign up is an awesome tradeoff for one less thing you’ll have to worry about from here on out.

Sign up using this link, and let me know what you think!


Debitize allows you to enjoy the perks of a credit card without the possibility of late fees or interest. Click the image above to learn more!

After three months of using this free service, I am sharing my thoughts - the positives and the one negative. $10 credit included!

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  1. financiALLI focused says:

    Thanks for writing this update! I am going to have to check this out.

    1. Ellie Mondelli says:

      I could never go back to life before this app!

  2. that is awesome! Really interesting service!

    1. Ellie Mondelli says:

      It’s such a life saver!

  3. Britney says:

    Does Debitize give you a checking and routing number that you could use for places that won’t take cards? Considering paying our mortgage on our credit card to earn the rewards, but chase will only allow you to pay with a checking/routing number.

    1. Ellie Mondelli says:

      Unfortunately not. I feel your pain, I wanted so bad to pay our mortgage with our credit card for the rewards!

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