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Monthly Savings Report: May 2018

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The month I’ve been waiting for is finally here!

I’m sure I’m annoying everyone at this point by talking so much about our upcoming trip, but we leave in 11 days and I just can’t help but be excited!

May was a really fun month. My step-daughter turned seven, and we held her party at our house as we do every year. My cousin and I baked and decorated a huge, three-layer Barbie cake and cupcakes. Our family brought their own chairs and we all sat around on the carport eating, drinking, talking and having a good time while the kids jumped on the trampoline. My stepdaughter rode her new bike back and forth as the party ended, and we went upstairs to play Jojo on her new tv and dance. She had a great day.

Halfway through the month, we bought two kayaks, something my husband has been wanting to do for quite a while. We went to DICK’S Sporting Goods on a Friday night and found out that the ones we wanted were going on sale two days later. I was a little bummed to miss out on being out on the lake all weekend, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to save over $80.00. We found that there is actually a kayak launch dock less than a minute from our house, so all we have to do is make a right turn on our road without even leaving our neighborhood. I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it, but after spending just one relaxing evening on the lake with my husband, it’s a purchase I wish we would have made years ago!

Something else I really enjoyed this past month was coming home almost every day from work and seeing more progress made on our house. It’s almost addicting now that we’ve gotten started, and I find myself wanting to keep shelling out money for more and more projects throughout the house. But we know we need to wrap up our current projects soon so that we can move on to working toward our next big financial goal of saving for our first rental property.

Now that the time to start working toward this goal is almost here, we have been talking more and more about it. We haven’t come to an agreement yet on if we want to pay cash for our first rental or put down a large downpayment. While I really like the idea of the safety that comes with saving and paying cash, I get a little discouraged thinking about how much time it will take. Either way, we have a lot of saving to do for a while once we get back from Russia and wrap up our ongoing projects at the house, so there’s no rush deciding exactly how we want to go about it. We’ll continue to talk it out and come to an agreement along the way.

As for now, we are still on a spending spree since paying off our home in January, but we came out of May with a positive savings amount instead of a negative like the previous month. We have continued to live on my husband’s base pay of $2,400 per month while saving his overtime and my salary. Out of the $4,816.23 we saved this month, we spent $2,009.30 on home updates, kayaks and accessories, concert tickets and purchases for our trip, leaving us with $2,806.30.

Not too shabby.

June will be another month of spending since half of the month will be spent overseas while our contractor finishes up our house. We should be able to start buckling down in July.

I can’t believe we’ve already been debt free for four months. I don’t consciously think about the fact that we’re debt free much anymore, but my overall state of being has been so positive, grateful and optimistic. I love the balance we are striking between the excitement of living now and the focus of building our future.

How did May go for you, whether you’re paying off debt, saving, cash-flowing life, or a mixture of the three? Let me know in the comments below or follow me on Instagram!


We paid off our home in January 2018 and have been publishing monthly savings reports ever since. Life after Dave is pretty amazing!

We paid off our home in January 2018 and have been publishing monthly savings reports ever since. Life after Dave is pretty amazing! (1)

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