I’m a 29 year old, full-time employee and community college dropout. I was born, raised and remain in a small town in East Tennessee.

I love summer, Harry Potter, Ford Mustangs, traveling, books, cats and the moon. I hate heights, undercooked steaks and talking in front of more than one or two people.

In April 2016, I became the wife of a police officer (37 y.o.), stepmother of a cheerleader (7 y.o.) and companion of a tiny, murderous black cat.

In January 2018, we became 100% debt free including our home.

We are now living on less than one of our two incomes while saving the rest for home renovations, traveling and investing.

I am not interested in personal finance or money – I’m interested in freedom. Everything else is just means to an end.

This blog will never tell you what to do or speak on experiences I have not lived through. I am here to share my own, obsessive journey to financial independence with the goal of quitting my job and choosing how I spend my precious time.

The names are fake. The thoughts, ideas, feelings, hopes, fears, strategies and numbers are real.

I hope you find inspiration and learn from my successes and failures along the way.