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Below is my budget for the current month – the real, live zero-based budget that my husband and I use and update daily. If you’re having trouble viewing it, follow this link to view the full Google sheet.

The format is clean, simple and printable. It is broken into three major categories – Automatic Bills (bills that are automatically withdrawn from our account each month), Monthly Sinking Funds and Spending.

Our Monthly Income shows $2400, which is the amount we have decided to live on each month now that we are completely debt free. Our actual income ranges from about $6000-$8000 after taxes depending on how much overtime my husband earns that month. The difference is saved toward our $100,000 savings goal.

Titles that have an asterisk beside them (Example: Phone* in the Automatic Bills category) are paid with our credit card.

Annual Payments in the Sinking Fund category cover expenses that are paid yearly instead of monthly. We divide each yearly expense by 12 then add them together to come up with the amount shown for this category.

  • Credit Card Annual Fees: $32.33
  • Tag Renewal-Cars (March): $4.17
  • Tag Renewal-Motorcycle (May): $2.10
  • Amazon Prime (May): $9.04
  • XBOX (July): $6
  • Life Insurance (July): $15
  • Property Taxes (October): $107
  • ID Theft (November): $12
  • PBA (November): $19.58

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P.S. – If you like the template and would like to try it for yourself, click here to save a free, customizable copy.

If this is all brand new to you and you need more help than a budget template alone can provide, please know that I felt the same way when setting up the first budget of my own several years ago – and again as a new wife setting up a budget with another person for the first time.

I do not have the heart of a teacher necessary to help you with setting up a budget, but my friend and fellow debt free community member Sami Womack does. She offers a budget course that I have taken and highly recommend, and you can read my review of her course here.

If you’re interested in signing up for her course, be sure to use this link to get $10 off the normal price of $67. You will have lifetime access to the course and can gain support from her private Facebook community.  Best wishes to you!

The budget that my husband and I design each month and update every weekday morning is now available for my readers to view. The template is also now available for free!

Ellie Mondelli is 29 and just paid off her last debt - her mortgage. She shares her live monthly budget on her website using Google Sheets.