Debt Free Community,

As you know by now, a debt-free life can sometimes be one of seclusion and sacrifice.

Let’s face it, your family, friends and coworkers just don’t get it. Perhaps your spouse is not quite on board yet or you’re recovering from a budget meeting that left you feeling less than satisfied. When you’re feeling alone on this journey, let this be a reminder that you are a part of a community, and we all have your back.

For the times you find yourself reaching for that clearance item at Target; that bank clerk suggests a credit card; or you’re just feeling a little inferior as you scroll through Facebook’s endless stream of vacations, new cars and new furniture – allow this wristband to help you remember why you have so wisely chosen this path.

These budget-friendly bracelets are $5.00 each and are free of shipping charges via USPS First Class Mail. This service does not provide a tracking number. International shipping is available, but you will be responsible for shipping charges.  Please contact me first before purchasing so we can arrange the payment for these charges.

If you prefer not to use PayPal and would rather pay by check, please message me at

Wear it on your spending and scrolling wrist with the words facing you, and keep living like no one else. Be proud of yourself – you deserve it!

P.S. Don’t forget to upload a photo of it on your wrist and let us know that you are #livinglikenooneelse!

Leading an F.P.U. class?  These are a great way to keep everyone motivated and inspired outside of weekly meetings.  Message me on Instagram or contact me at to discuss volume discounts!

“Live Like No One Else” Wristband